Turkish Food Vendors in Vienna?


The orchestra and open air market were highlights in Vienna, Austria. Andria and I both love these kind of markets so I bet when she visited the one pictured above, she thought of our adventures last summer eating our way through the Farmers Markets of Washington, Oregon and California. I can just hear her saying, “My mom would love this!” And I do! Even if it is just in photos.

A multitude of dried fruit at the open air market in Vienna.
A multitude of dried fruit at the open air market in Vienna.

This looks like a really fun market. Some  of the foods are typical to what  we might see in the States ( dried cranberries or apples). One difference is  that foods from all over the world make their way to the street market in Vienna (candied hibiscus flowers is definitely a new one for me).


Some foods like  Turkish Borek are sold by vendors hawking their ply to tourists and locals alike.

Borek (Turkish Spinach and Feta Filled Phyllo)

A street vendor with Turkish pastries made with phyllo dough caught Andria’s attention.

Wiener Huhnerschnitzel (2)

And so did the wiener huhnerschnitzel with fries and kraut.. SpicesA  crazy array of spices cater to the international buyers on the street.



  1. Hi Professor Nyenhuis,

    Looking at the pictures you have posted from your daughter’s trip to Vienna make me want to visit there someday! The foods look delicious and very unique. I also love the last picture of all of the spices. I wish I could find a farmers market in Minnesota or North Dakota that offers that much variety.

    -Laura Pietig

  2. Hi professor Jacque,
    That is so cool your daughter got to see all those different kinds of foods! 🙂
    -Laura W


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