My Family’s favorite foods

One of my family’s favorite foods are crawfish ettouffee and  special yeast breads. My kids are all athletes so when they were teenagers they ate lots of whole grains  but also loved homemade raised doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and foccacia breads. Now that they have homes of their own, I would guess those are still their favorites for special occasions but they also like sourdough bread, sprouted wheat bread, 10 grain bread and oatmeal rolls.

Here is a sampling of what I have been baking lately: I  made a focaccia bread last week for Ashley and her family with caramelized onions, basil, asiago cheese shreds and the thinnest slices of tomatoes. Then on Sunday, I was suppose to make 100 cinnamon rolls for church but it was 30 below and the wind was whipping through the plains so it was cancelled but I already had the dough made. I went ahead and made some cinnamon rolls and put the rest of the dough in the refrigerator.  Dave and I braved the blizzard to take warm cinnamon rolls to our neighbors. With the left over dough, I made pans of focaccia bread to serve at a dinner and another pan went to the Super Bowl Party. The focaccia bread turned out much better than the game.  Everywhere I take focaccia bread, I gain a following.  I will post the recipe under breads.

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  1. My family does homemade pizza every Thursday night for dinner. We try to make all different kinds each week. We love it!

  2. Gorditas!! ;) hispanic dish..cooked dough in a form a tortilla but think enough to make a whole on the side and stuff it with eggs, beans, cheese, meat, etc…its simply and delish! ;)

    1. Hi Ivette,
      I can tell you are going to have some great things to teach us this semester. I can’t wait to learn.

    1. Hi Lindsey,
      Sounds waaay good. Thanks for sharing your Brussels sprout and pear recipe. I bought the ingredients so now I have to try it.

  3. We have a tradition of cooking and eating spiced rice pudding every holiday. But only one of the pudding bowls gets an almond–then the one with the almond will have good luck all year. It comes from my grandmother who was 100% norweigian.

    1. Hi Christine,
      What a neat tradition! I hope you will share your recipe and tradition with the rest of the class.

  4. My family’s favorite food is a warm casserole dish– whether that be goulash, nacho casserole, or tamale pie. The recipe was passed on to my mother from a friend in college. It has been modified so much so that it is no longer a pie, and it no longer contains tamales. We love anything that comes out of the oven, preferably has cheese, and we can share out of one pot as a family :)

  5. My heritage is mainly German. We have many traditions around food and holidays. For example, we make a large variety of unique Christmas cookies and on Christmas Eve while opening presents one member of the family at a time chose a cookie that we all had to eat simultaneously until all the cookies were gone. Our family loves salmon and beef rueladen, a German recipe.

    1. Hi Anna,

      OK, now that you have listed these recipes (one of which I have never heard of ) you are going to have to definitely share them with our class.

  6. My family’s favorite foods include potatoes (mashed or baked), meat – roast beef, ground beef, chicken or turkey. Around the holidays or during special events we usually have lefse with the main course. My parents grew up in small towns in northern Minnesota so much of the food came from local farms or farm land that they owned (my mom’s side).

    1. Hi Meghan,
      That is so neat to have the farm tradition in your family. I think your parents have definitely passed on a strong work ethic to you.

  7. When my family gathers whether it is summer or winter, my mom will make stew or “boat stew.” My great aunt and grandmother would always cook stew on the sailboat. It is a traditional beef stew with vegetables but when its made by mom, there is always a bit of love and family in it. Memories of my grandfathers sailboat always appear when eating this meal with my family.

    1. Hi Alysson,
      Can you bring a picture of the boat or stew (or both) to class? It sounds like a really neat family tradition.

  8. Colby jack cheese, salami and cracker sandwiches; sugar snap peas, carrots and sweet peppers, raw; chicken broccoli Alfredo.

    My son would eat cereal for all three meals each day if Iet him! Most foods we eat require very little preparation at home, yet we combine a lot of different foods in an attempt to make healthy, well-balanced meals.

  9. My family is very Scandinavian(mostly Swedish).
    What we eat, especially at holidays, is mostly composed of potatoes, butter and meat.
    We always eat together at meals and love spending time together.
    At Christmas Eve we usually make lutifisk.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I would love to have you share with the class how to make lutifisk. This is one thing I know very little about.

  10. Although my last name is incredibly French, my family is mostly German. I am however French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Irish, and Belgian.

    I am from a family of food lovers, so it is hard to say what my family’s favorite food is, if I were to guess, I would say Sauerkraut. In the summer we love it on burgers, lately we even started putting it in a crockpot with chicken.

  11. My entire family and I love tomato products. In the summer, my mom’s garden usually produces way more tomatoes than seems likely for a garden of that size. We will then make and can pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, bruschetta, salsa, and anything else that’s related to tomatoes. My mid fall, we typically get tired of tomatoes. But by the next summer, our love of tomatoes always reemerges.

    1. Hi Kayla,
      I love your comment because it is so true….love of a food reemerges. That is also why seasonal produce is so wonderful. When it is available all year, we tend to forget the taste of the first tomato of the season…plus there is no comparison to how they taste fresh. Have you tried drying the tomatoes? If you are interested, ask me in lab.

  12. Growing up my mom didn’t cook much, dinner was never super extravagant so my favorite thing was eggs & toast for dinner :)’ Now days, it’s pretty different. My husband’s family owns a chain of grocery stores; Festival Foods, Knowlands, a couple Dunn Brothers locations, and the Taste of Scandinavia. So you can imagine that they host some pretty serious dinners. Whenever there is an occasion to celebrate the item on the dinner menu is always the same; a huge juicy rare steak for each person at the table, so I suppose that is my families favorite dinner!

    1. Wow Ashley,
      I think you have been holding out on us. You have access to all the latest foods in the grocery store. Can you find out what some of the newest foods or food fads are and share them with us. Thanks Jacque

  13. I am 50% German (from my dad) and my mom claims that she is everything… but I think she’s mostly Irish and Scottish. My family really values buying local and fresh ingredients. We love to go to our local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. One of our favorite things to make together is sugar cookies at Christmas time. We love to decorate them with colored frosting and sprinkles. We have pictures of our cookies from when I was little- they still look the same as they do today… I guess we haven’t gained many artistic skills.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I am so glad you came to the food lab on Thursday. I hope you feel free to come whenever you can and be sure to take a plate and taste all of the food. It is interesting to see if it turns out the same both days.

  14. I hail from a predominantly German family. For us, food is highly valued. At every family event there is always PLENTY of food–no gathering is complete without it! For us, food is a sign of our love and care for one another. Not only is food a means of expression, but it is also the source of many family traditions. Notably, every year my mom’s entire extended family gets together for one weekend in December to make sausage following our secret family recipe. Everything is made from scratch and it is a true team effort from everyone–young and old alike. Our traditional sausage is probably my family’s all-time favorite food. Not only is it homemade, it’s made with love too!

    1. Hi Anna,
      It sounds really good and made with love makes it even better. If you have any left, I would love a taste sometime. Thanks in advance. Jacque

  15. Ice cream has to be one of the favorite foods in my family. It is our go to dessert, usually in the form of chocolate or chocolate chip shakes.

  16. Hello! I am Laura and I am a dietetic student in one of Jacque’s classes. My family heritage includes French (mostly) and Swedish. There are no traditional family recipes, but it would be great to start some. One food value that matters most to me is eating dinner together with my family. I think that this important to do without the television on in order to focus on the family and listen to each other. Can’t wait to start exploring different foods throughout the world!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for sharing. Eating together builds strong families which builds strong individuals (and it is rare not to eat in front of the TV.

    1. Hi Miata,
      Fascinating to think of rice that is so common but can be served with so many different foods. What do you have with rice for breakfast?

  17. I don’t know if I would say that my family has a favorite food in particular, but food for us really revolves around the occasion.

    It is always special when all my siblings and I come home for the weekend, and it’s common knowledge that when we wake up in the morning my mom will make us all pancakes and eggs. It has become so expected, yet each time it feels exciting and new.

    Growing up we were not all home for dinner at the same time during the week, so the weekends are special times for my dad to make his favorite kinds of spicy mexican style dishes that we all love. This past weekend for my birthday I went home and my dad made fajitas for everyone. It’s the occasions and times together that really make the food special for us.

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