Robins Nest at Juneberry Hill

The Story of Juneberry Hill

Once there was a farm girl who liked to cook foods she found in the wild


and it led to all kinds of adventures


with juneberries


and wild  mushrooms and  more.

She met a boy who loved to build things; big things like bridges and dams and roads (and little things like baby cradles, too).


They fell in love 


and she followed him wherever he went to build things.


 God blessed them with a wonderful family and they followed, too. They are all grown  and off on their own adventures now.


The boy and the girl discovered  new adventures. Some fun



and some…. well….. we laugh about them now.



SONY DSCHis love of building things and her love of cooking wild things brought them to the beautiful, forested  escarpment of the Red River Valley that they call Juneberry Hill.SONY DSC

Juneberry Hill was home to lots of wild things before the boy and girl found it. Elk use it as a crossing on the way to their wintering area

100_2493 (2)and the turkeys and deer like it here, too.


Juneberries,  grapes, raspberries, chokecherries and lots more grow in the woods.

SONY DSCSmells of breads and jams and syrups and pies fill the kitchen just like it did in the kitchen of the boy and the girl’s  mom and gram and great-grammys..


The hillsides come to life each spring with  wild roses, violets,  and apple blossoms. And it is here where the boy and girl live, still loving to build and cook and serve their savior.

2 thoughts on “The Story of Juneberry Hill”

  1. Jacque (I”m Pegs mom) but I’m OLD NOW. I have been on your web site, a little, Peg called told me she had your Christmas letter.
    I don’t see your a Norma nearly enough. Don’t go to FF as much as when I was first in Cedar Rapids. Was never the driver Norma is, now with a bit of eye problem, don’t drive on trips hardly.

    Fun to read about you & your family. Congrats on allll that. Your children & a gr child. Glad u are happy, pray your son
    is ALWAYS safe. Scotts son Josh enlisted in Marines right out of hi school, has finished 5 yrs. but is out. In school now.
    He didn’t see any combat.

    Well just had to leave a reply.


    1. I was so glad to hear from you. Always remember all the wonderful candies you and Peggy made at Christmas. You taught me how to make fudge….the old fashioned real fudge. Yum

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