Food, Nutrition and Agricultural Researcher

Dr Jacquelyn Nyenhuis, PhD RDN LDN specializes in agricultural nutrition education and evaluation for medical students, families and the community. Currently, an Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida-College of Medicine, she has presented over 100 television, radio and in person talks. She co-authored Nutrition and Diet Therapy and is working on a cookbook called “Thyme for Everything Under the Sun”. She had her own syndicated cooking show, a segment on Fox News, a blog and radio show; all called “Cooking with Jacque”. Her research took her across the country, talking to people about food and focuses on assessing and understanding dietary behaviors, diet quality and dietary patterns and generating evidence to inform strategies that promote health and wellbeing through dissemination of nutrition education for disease prevention and management. She draws from a cognitive-behavioral, patient-centered and decision making theoretical framework in her research and clinical work. She earned a BS in food science from Iowa State University and advanced degrees from Louisiana State University and University of North Dakota.
Dr Jacque Nyenhuis is co-owner of her family farm in Birmingham, Iowa and works to connect agriculture, whole food preparation, and health in all her work.

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