Jacque Nyenhius PhD RD LDN

Here are a few of the presentations I have given:

Nyenhuis J., Myers J, Boe-Feltman R. Unwinding the COVID-19 paradox of food insecurity and obesity in the same household in rural populations. Paper presented at: Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo 2020; October 17-20, 2020;Virtual.

Consultant Primary Care Journal: The Dietitians Role in Rural Health. Nutrition 411. Read the transcript here.


UCF MEDtalk: “Three Food Truths You Need to Know”

Growing Bolder: “Food Can be a Prescription for Better Health”

Food Bullying: “Cooking, Culinary Medicine & Comfort in Nutrition” https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/michele-payn-eliz-greene/food-bullying/e/76482488

Fox News: “Farm Produce to Table 15 Minute Challenge”

NASA-Cape Canaveral FL
Health and Wellness Day
230 Scientists, Researchers

The focus of this panel was on plant-based diets as opposed to vegan diets. I was invited to participate on a panel about plant-based diets with Dr. George Guthrie, author of “Eat Plants, Feel Whole” and the Chief Medical Researcher and the producer of the movie “The Game Changer”.

VA Domiciliary Residents
Class for students to teach Patients
25 VA Domiciliary residents

The VA has assisted living units where residents gain skills for reintroduction into society. I mentored UCF MED students on nutrition education teaching techniques for this population. The presentations were student-led and the focus was on teaching and interacting with individuals at different levels of nutrition knowledge. The goals included opening a dialog with patients on obesity and better health.

Diabetes Research Institute
Nutrition Education for Diabetics
14 diabetics and family members

The Diabetes Research Institute regularly holds classes for diabetics in their teaching kitchen. Our students were invited to share one-on-one nutrition education with a focus on healthy carbohydrates and how to prepare them. I was a preceptor for the students in this setting.

Second Harvest Family Healthy Cooking
Student Led Nutrition Education
19 Parents and their children
Preceptor for students to provide nutrition education

Second Harvest is a food bank for central Florida and the surrounding underserved population. UCF COM students worked one-on-one with families, sharing nutrition education. An interpreter was present for the families who did not speak English.

Healthy Teaching Kitchen
Cancer Patients at Advent Health Teaching Kitchen
16 Cancer Patients

Advent Health Teaching Kitchen invited the culinary medicine class of 12 UCF COM students to give patient teaching on culinary medicine to their cancer support group. I gave a presentation and then the students taught the patients on an individual basis and talked with each patient about their specific issues.

Food Bullying Podcast
Radio Broadcast
National Reach

I was invited to join this podcast after meeting the founder at the AND Annual National meeting where I gave a presentation. The focus was to open a dialog to alleviate the pressure for the general population as well as nutrition professionals. It is so easy to fall prey to forceful media misinformation the general population repeats and forces those ideas on others regarding food and nutrition issues.

Prime Education Series
Invited and Paid Presentation
100 Community

Healthy Aging was a symposium in Central and Eastern Florida where I was invited to give a culinary medicine presentation on nutrition. I often speak on “Beyond the fads of plant-based and keto diets”.

PATH (Faith Based Residency Rescue Shelter)
250 Community members over several months

This was a bi-monthly class on Monday nights which I taught for several years. I was invited to share culinary sessions where I would demonstrate recipes with the transitional population. Most were transitioning into society from prison or drug rehab. The men and women would help cook the food grown in the rescue mission’s fields, learning new ways of preparing produce and whole grains. We all sat down after the preparation and shared the meal family style.

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