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Hot Pepper Habanero Jelly

I like a hot pepper jelly I can drizzle. Maybe I should call it something rather than a jelly because it is much thinner. I think of a jelly as something that molds to the jar and comes out almost in pieces. Not this at all. My hot pepper jelly […]

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Cranberry Orange Biscuits-Magnolia Farm’s Copy Cat Recipe

Ashley and I just got back from Magnolia Farms in  Waco, Texas.  Magnolia Flour, also known as Chip and Joanna Gaines’ fixer upper silos, was a quaint little turn of the century grainary turned bakery. There were only a few different biscuits, rolls and cupcakes but every single one of them […]

Appetizers, Brunch, Food Blog, Fruits

Roasted Feta with Figs

My farmer’s market finds today were goats milk feta and figs. Such a perfect combination. Warm, melted and oozing with flavor, roasted feta is great with all kinds of toppings and dippers. A slightly sweet drizzle is one of my favorites and here is an option featuring in-season produce. Figs […]

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The Fruit of the Passion of Christ Flower Makes a Delicious Dip

Passion fruit always seemed so exotic to me. Imagine my surprise as I was walking through the woods along the Flint River and found a green pod, and then another and another. A few days later, a neighbor happened to mention that maypops were ripe. She described the green pods […]

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Sourdough Pizza: Learn, Play, Eat and Repeat

When kids are the cooks, they turn the ordinary into an extraordinary event. We know all the biking adventures this family has but who would have thought making pizza could turn out to be such an adventure.  Paige and Carson really got into adding their favorite toppings.   A sourdough […]

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Watercress salad with Barley and Strawberry Vinaigrette

U-Pick strawberries farms have seen multitudes of pickers compared to other years. I think going to the farm to pick strawberries has especially popular because we are all ready to do something productive with our hands and get out in the fresh air. Farm work has always felt like a […]

Appetizers, Entrees, Food Blog

Chimichurri over Tiny Steak and Veggie Bites

Below is my Tiny Steak and Veggie Bites video. They are so fun to make and can be served as a little appetizer next to a great chimichurri sauce. Skip to the end of the blog for recipes. Hope you enjoy the video. Chimichurri sauce brings out the umami in […]

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A Simple and Beautiful Christmas Brunch – Decadent Toasts

Our family loves to eat and even if we are having a big Christmas meal, there is always room for a Christmas morning brunch. This is one that is easy because everyone makes their own. Just toast the bread, arrange the toppings, sit back and admire the creativity. When my […]