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Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Bread

It is blueberry season in Florida, but we just visited Ashley and family in the Midwest where the snow is  melting off.  It reminds me of the first green wheat sprouting up from the black, rich Iowa soil, sometimes even peeking out from a snow covered field. I can still […]

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What’s Healthier, Ground Turkey or Beef?

The Culinary Medicine students at the University of Central Florida Medical School are working on developing a repertoire of recipes that are both nutritious and delicious. The question about beef vs. ground turkey came up. We are interested in finding out what is better for us, ground turkey or beef?  […]

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Ahi Poke

Hawaiian Poke made yellowfin tuna famous. So many Hawaiian cooks develop their own favorite ingredients but yellowfin tuna is the go to base. Other sushami-grade tuna can be used but the time honored tradition for Poke is yellowfin tuna. Dice  onion such as maui or vadallia in a uniform piece similar […]

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Sourdough Apple Bread and Completing My PhD

A special note I will treasure: My mom is brilliant and the most determined person I know! Successfully defended her dissertation today! Despite five moves to four different states, university changes, and other hurdles along the way she has completed her PhD. You are such an inspiration Mom, and we are all […]

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Pumpkin Butter

I stop at produce markets all over the US but my favorites are always the ones that use the honor system and have a little bucket or box to drop your money in. It seems to me that anyone who uses the honor system to make a living probably lives […]

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Turkish Food Vendors in Vienna?

  The orchestra and open air market were highlights in Vienna, Austria. Andria and I both love these kind of markets so I bet when she visited the one pictured above, she thought of our adventures last summer eating our way through the Farmers Markets of Washington, Oregon and California. […]

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Sunflowers and Nut Butters and Honey: A Few of My Favorite things

Did I mention macadamia honey nut butter in that list? If not, it is because I just discovered it. That’s right, in between the time I wrote that title and my first line I discovered my new favorite lunch food. I take my lunch everyday and if I am working […]