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What My Students Have To Say……

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  2. I loved Food Science class this semester! Lab was so much fun- getting to try new recipes and experiment with new techniques. My final project was developing a recipe for sunflower seed pesto and a pasta recipe using this pesto. It was exciting to make something new and creative. I am pursuing a dietetics degree and will be looking into an internship next year. I am looking forward to where thid education will take me.

  3. My goal is to find a job that challenges me. I want to help people in some way, but I am not sure exactly what job I want. I really learned a lot in this class. I really enjoyed the lab. I liked that you weren’t graded on how the products came out because they didn’t always come out the way I planned. Thanks for teaching this class. It was a lot of fun and you are a great teacher.

  4. My Food Science class this semester was a very eye opening experience, This was my first class in my major field. I fell in love with it and it made me more confident in making the decision to switch majors. I am so glad I took this class I learned so much about food principles in lectures and had hands on experiences in lab. I learned so much from this class!

  5. My dream job is to work with people with eating disorders and possibly kids with disordered eating. I really enjoyed this class because it opened my eyes to a world of cooking I had never experienced before. It made me comfortable in the kitchen and worry less about being perfect when it comes to preparing recipes. I not only grew personally but with knowledge as well. The link to my blog is

    Thanks for everything!
    ~Meghan W.

  6. My dream job is to become a physician specialized in either pediatrics or neurology. This class has encourage me to try lots of different foods, and has helped me recover from my eating disorder. Getting to make a blog for our final project was therapeutic and enjoyable!

  7. I’ve learned so much about a variety of different foods through your course. It was fun comparing different versions of the same food and testing which was preferred. I hope to become a pediatric dietitian one day and will definitely use this information in helping spread unique recipes for others to try!

  8. I”m really excited that I got to take this class. It has taught me so much about cooking. I’m not totally sure what I want to do with my life outside of college but I do know I want to be a dietician, and the cooking skills I learned here and the inspiration this class have given me will help me with my career goals.

  9. My favorite part of this class has been lab. I like the freedom that we have had in choosing recipes and improvising if we have an idea to better/change the recipe. I came into this class with some nutrition and cooking background but have learned a lot of little things that will help me in the future!

  10. My dream job is to own and run my family daycare center one day. I love working in the child care field know that I can help makea difference in our future generation.

  11. I LOVE FOOD SCIENCE CLASS! Jacque is a blast to have as an instructor. As a professional, she keeps me thinking and scheming up new ways to produce fabulous, innovative food products. Her positive feedback on each unit we cover in lab is motivating, encouraging, and genuine. Jacque starts each class time with the most kind smile and attitude that says “I’m ready to go!” This enthusiasm is what makes class so fun. You could never tell if Jacque is having a bad day. She looks great, and always finds solutions to problems with her catch phrase, “Don’t give up.” Every recipe is a learning experience, no matter if it is a total flop or not.

    Now that I’ve had this course, my horizons have expanded beyond the classroom. I can use blogs and media to broaden my audience or tasters of my recipes. I can go beyond the textbook to get the word out that I’m great material for various companies like General Mills, Target Corp, and Cargill. How is that food for thought!?!

    Now I have a general idea of what I’m interested in doing with my life. That is comforting. :)

  12. I loved food science with Jacque she influenced not only me but our whole class to bring out our creative side while incorporating food science principals. One of my favorite memories from class was when peoples food experiments didn’t turn up and we just laughed it off and made a lesson out of it, trying to figure out what happened and why. Overall, I am so happy I got to take place in such a fun class lead by such a wise and sweet lady. I can not wait to take her intercultural foods class in spring 2014.

  13. I really enjoyed lab and the freedom of experimenting our own ideas and testing things that we were really curious about. Projects challenged me to think outside the box and explore different areas of food that I did not have experience with. This class has helped with my foundation to keep learning about our food world and the food market today. I would love to to possibly work for a gluten free local company in the future or a company that represents fresh, locally grown food that strives to educate the public on healthy eating.

  14. I am always trying to find a way to cure my sweet tooth craving because I follow a fairly strict meal plan and try to eat healthy the majority of the time. Protein powder can be used to make tons of different products and since Jacque allows us lots of freedom in the lab I have been able to find different ways to make sweet treats out of protein powder!

  15. I have enjoyed Jacque’s Food Science class this semester, and I have learned so much that I didn’t know before! My favorite part was food lab and getting the chance to experiment with gluten and dairy free substitutions.
    Before this class I was dead set on becoming a Dietitian, however I felt that my passions lied more in the combination of food and keeping one’s body moving in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle, so I changed my degree to Nutrition and Exercise Science.
    I hope to work for a Non-Profit one day that pin-points the food desserts in our country and not only helps them obtain the resources needed to get a nutritive diet but figure out a way to sustain those resources and be a guide on food.
    I look forward to learning more in the classes to come!!
    My blog is at:
    Thanks Jacque!

    I went from being dead set on becoming a Dietitian to pursuing a Nutrition and Exercise Science degree.

  16. I loved Food Science class with Jacque. She never stopped pushing us to our full potential, open to us exploring the world of food science through trial and error. After a few field trips to some amazing places, it opened up a world of opportunity to us that we were unaware of. I wanted to start a blog, and it ended up being a part of the course requirement, so it pushed me to start one up. I look forward to growing my blog in the future.
    I will graduate next year and hope to have an established health and fitness blog and perhaps training and coaching clients to a healthier way of life.
    Thanks Jacque for a great semester.

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  18. I have enjoyed learning new recipes and ways of cooking this semester in Intercultural Foods. I was often lucky enough to choose the dessert like recipes, which are my favorite! One of most memorable recipes was Paris Brest. It was made of eggs, flour, milk, and a few other small ingredients sweetened with a whipped cream that I made. It was a fun project because I enjoy the intricate details of baking and was able to decorate the pastry with slivered almonds and a little powdered sugar. Although we only have one day in the food lab a week, I was able to create numerous other delicious desserts at home with some of the tips that I learned in class.

  19. I wanted to share my gluten free food blog that I have been working on for a couple months! I have been posting and updating the page since I created it in Food Science class last year! I want to share my experience with gluten free food products that I believe are the best on the market as well as sharing new unique products that I have discovered. I also post about recipes that I have created, want to share, or really anything that relates to my passion for food. I also have a page where I share my artwork from years past. I hope my blog will help new people entering the gluten free world in giving them some ideas on what is out in the market and trends. It is a really fun way to share ideas I have learned from others and have created myself.

    My blog site is

    Here is one specific blog post on a coconut and lime gluten free salmon dish I put together:

    Hope everyone enjoys :)

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  21. I’m currently in your Food Service Production class and am loving it! I’ve recently created a blog, and while it is still very new, I am hoping to gear it towards college students or anyone wanting to improve their health! I’ll be featuring cooking tips and healthy recipes, with a focus on concentrating on health while we are young and able to!

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